Brewing Water From The Springs

Water is the main ingredient of beer and therefore its quality is very important for brewing. Nothing goes over fresh untreated and uncontaminated spring water. Our water comes directly from the springs in the mountains over San Isidro which is at the border of the nature preserve “Bosque De Los Niños”, one of the bigest nature preserve of latin america

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Beer Of Love

Our love to beer is truly different. When I met my wife first time in Tamarindo Costa Rica, I didn’t know, that she loves craft beer so much. And I didn’t know a lot about craft beer anyways. So I messed it up completely and didn’t invite her for a good, fresh craft beer. Luckily this wasn’t the end of the story, but the beginning of a true love story between my wife and me, and between us and craft beer

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Creativity In Craft Brewing

Of course, another important ingredient to good craft beer is creativity. We let our creative power work every day to make our beer even better, create new amazing beers and optimize our brewing process to achieve the highest quality standards in craft beer

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Fruits And Roots

If we add fruits or roots to our beer, we make sure that thous are from local organic farmers. We use only the freshest, tastiest and healthiest ingredients. We want to make sure, that we support the locals and take care about the environment.

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Hops, Malt and Yeast

Of course our beer is based on malt, hops and yeast. Since hops and barley can’t be grown in Costa Rica, they have to be imported. We work with industry leading brands only. All ingredients are GMO free. To reduce carbon footprint dependency and costs, we propagate a variety of yeast strains in-house.

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Our beer is brewed in a 100 year old copper kettle, heated 100% from wood. We only ferment in stainless steel fermenters, to guarantee the best quality of beer.

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