We are Marc and Ana Gabriela, the founders of SuizyTico Creaciones. SuizyTico is located in San Isidro de Peñas Blancas, just 30 minutes from La Fortuna and the majestic Volcano Arenal. SuizyTico is one of the smallest brewing companies in Costa Rica and the only one which brews on wood fire.

We brew in very small batches, and therefore our capacity is very limited. Brewing on wood is a slow process, which takes about twice as long as conventional brewing. On top of that there is a lot of work involved in preparing the wood before brewing and cleaning after brewing.

Our story about beer and love is truly different. My wife Ana Gabriela lived for many years in the paradise of craft beer and knew already a lot about the different styles when I met her first. And since I didn’t invite her for a beer back then, she decided to learn how to craft her own beer. Later she introduced me into the world of craft beer and I felt in love with both, my now wife and the craft beer. We believe, that every good product is made with love.

We work as environmental friendly as possible. We try to get as much ingredients as possible in organic quality. Hops and malt has to be imported, but we make sure that we only use GMO free ingredients from the freshest quality we can get. Our cleaning agents and sanitizing solutions are all biodegradable.

But this is not enough for us, we try to make our beer even better, day by day.

So, if you are a beer lover, which I have no doubt about it, don’t leave Costa Rica without trying our beer.