Help with a Beer

We are pleased to announce our help for the flood victims in Costa Rica from the heavy rainfalls on 23rd of July 2021 and the following days. Many people have been affected heavily and need help to repair their homes and businesses, replace their lost or damaged goods.

Many of the affected people may not have insurance and may not have been able to recuperate from job lost due to the pandemic COVID-19. We have been affected by the pandemic too, but found a way to recuperate and even grow our business trough this time. We feel it’s time to give back to the community! 


How it works

For every bottle with the help-label we sell, we will reduce our margin by 150 colones. In the same time we will charge the buyer 150 colones more then the normal price. This way we collect 300 colones for every sold bottle. The money will be transfered to “Asociación Suiza de Costa Rica” (ASOSUIZA), which will decide how the money is used most efficient. 100% of the money will be used for the victims. 

Thanks to:

Our Thanks goes to all people and organizations who support this attempt to help. All organizations involved will be listed here:


Help without beer

You may have your reasons, why you don’t want to buy beer. You still can help. Just make a transaction directly to the Bank-Account from ASOSUIZA:


    • Please put a payment reason like HELP or AYUDA 
    • Account Banco Nacional ($) 100-02-084-600444-3
    • IBAN ($) CR90015108410026004446
    • Asociacón Suiza de Costa Rica
    • Cedula Jurídica: 3-002-066651